rosetteSpent the afternoon designing the rosette with Hans. Originally, I purchased a pre-made rosette from Luthier Mercantile. We both thought that by using a pre-made rosette on my first build it would be an easier way of getting to the finish line quicker, experiencing the build process, and having a nice look. However, upon arrival of the new rosette, we discovered that the rosette was not perfectly round. Because you have to rout a channel, aperfect circle, this rosette would not work.

As with life, things fall into place and I ended up getting what I originally wanted. I love the look of a striped rosette, and the rosettes of Torres and early Ramirez guitars. Usually basic black stripes, but super clean and unique.

The process goes as follow. :

1. Cut 16″ lengths of 3mm wide strips from Ebony, Maple & Mahogany veneer.

2. Find the center of the sound-hole, and scribe a perfect circle – Hans did this as I would definitely ruin the soundboard.

3. Rout a 19mm channel along the scribed lines. Again, work for the master, not the student.

4. Design a pattern ( I opted for 2 blacks, 2 whites, 2 blacks, 2 whites, 2 browns, 2 whites…)

5. Using super glue and straight pins, inlay each strip around the channel until channel is filled with a rosette ( see above image).

6. Plane inlaid strips to desired thickness of soundboard and stare at it for long periods of time. Repeat step 6 over and over until you find tiny flaws.













Planned on bracing the soundboard but the humidity was so dry that gluing was not recommended. Ended up drinking a beer ( Thanks Hans!) and laying out the bracing. So close…













If you ever need any type of guitar work done, contact Hans. He works on EVERYTHING with strings.

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Hans Pukke




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