It has been quite awhile since the last update, and I have made quite the progress on my Negra

Bracing The Soundboard

Finally, after the weather decided to work with us, we glued the bracing on the soundboard. Pretty amazing experience preparing the thickness of the braces with the flexibility of the soundboard. Of course, all this is a new experience and all bets are that it would not have gone so smoothly without Han’s experienced hands and knowledge.

Here are some shots of the top being braced:

IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1417 IMG_1412IMG_1401




























Bending The Sides

The sides were bent using a bending machine that Han’s built. Yes, he even builds the machines that builds the guitars.

The sides are first wet with water then placed in the bending machine. The heated machine then bends and molds the shape of the sides. Each side takes almost two hours to complete, and the shape is not perfect as the wood “springs back” a bit. Final adjustment is done on a hot pipe by hand.

Here are some side shots :

IMG_1431 IMG_1430











Attaching The Neck To The Soundboard

Once the soundboard has been braced, we attach the neck to the top. At this point things are starting to come together as the project actually resembles a guitar. Closer and closer…


The Maestro himself, Hans Pukke, holding my soon to be Flamenco Negra


Hanging out waiting for sides













The Sides

Now that the sides are bent to shape, the neck is attached to the top, it is time to attach the sides. The sides are slid into the slotted heel and formed to the heel block. Definitely looks like a guitar now.













Get Back!

Glued the back pieces together with a tasteful simple back strip.













Tentellones are simple blocks of spruce, cut by hand and glued individually to attach the top to the sides. It is a long process and by the time you actually get the hang of it, the job is done. Time to build my next guitar!

IMG_1449 IMG_1448












Receive The Back

The sides have to be leveled, and kerfed linings have to be glued to the sides to recieve the back. There is much, much more involved, but that’s the shortened version…

IMG_1456 IMG_1457












Jack The Shop Boss

Jack is Han’s shop mate and best buddy. Total guitar Cat – even sleeps with his head rested on one.

IMG_1406 IMG_1405












If you ever need any type of guitar work done, contact Hans. He works on EVERYTHING with strings.

Contact Han’s here :

Hans Pukke




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